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Hypersquare develops and supports travel software solutions especially for the travel industry.

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Our company was funded in 2008. Since then we are always at the heart of travel industry. We were part of the hotest projects reinventing travel space.

Our consultans were part of Sabre® Red™ Workspace creation, we worked on Sabre® Red™ App technology in its infancy, right now we are building next generation mobile travel apps.

We are helping our clients to reinvent their solutions and adapt to rapidly changing world !


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Solid experience

We gained our experience while working on challenging projects for Sabre GDS.

Fast execution

We are working in Agile environment that allows us a speed delivery.

Travel knowledge

We have more than 10 years working for travel industry.

Made with Love

We love the travel industry and are proud of our solutions!

What are Sabre® Red™ Apps?

Red Apps are extensions of Sabre® Red™ Workspace that are visually and functionally integrated and can freely interact with its services as well as provide new ones to extend travel agent workspace capabilities to meet your specific business needs.

Let us develop your own Sabre® Red™ App

Hypersquare offers Sabre® Red™ App Development. We can help you develop your own Sabre® Red™ App. We provide the full service from concept, design to development and maintenance.

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Our Strengths, Skills, and Abilities

Sabre® Red™ Apps

We developed multiple business critical Sabre® Red™ App solutions.

Web services

We designed and created multiple travel applications utilizing Sabre® Web Services/APIs.

Booking engines

We designed and host robust booking engines.

Travel mobile solutions

We created industry winning travel mobile solutions!

What is Sabre® Dev Studio?

Sabre® Dev Studio is a huge portfolio of APIs (Sabre® APIs), Informational Services, Notification Services and a various tools and resources.

APIs are ideal for companies who want to build a customized travel applications for their website/mobile or use Sabre® content within another application.

Let us help you integrate with Sabre® APIs

Hypersquare offers Sabre® APIs Development. We can help you develop or integrate your own applications to connect to infinite Sabre® content. We provide the full service from concept, design to development and maintenance.

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Some of our clients


Sabre Red App Development - Client Sabre


Sabre Web Services Development - Client Tripanion


Sabre Red App Development - Client Hengefeld

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